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melbourne international arts festival

imuse conitnues to work with the Melbourne International Arts Festival to develop a web based internal information system.

Initial analysis revealed a "festival of a thousand databases" including propriety systems, internally built systems as well as word and excel documents being used to manage information and processes.

Many of these systems contained the same data elements but without the ability to "talk" to one another. New requirements were also identified in the initial analysis phase.

A plan was devised for the consolidation of the many data sources and the development of a web based front end to replace legacy systems.

The plan took into account the operational constraints of the business, dependencies between systems, stakeholder's objectives as well as the financial constraints of funding.

As a beginning, 2003 saw the consolidation of the many data sources into SQL server so that all staff were using the same data rather than replicating it in their own systems, increasing efficiency and reducing potential for error.

In 2004 development began on the interface using .net technology to provide a web front end so staff could access organisational data through their web browsers.

melbourne festival intranet
people management

Development in 2004 included the major business entities of People, Organisations, Venues (Locations), Submissions and Production information management.

The old data structures have been retired and legacy interfaces were slowly decommissioned as new interfaces were specified and built.

Development in 2005 included Purchase Order production and Detailed Production Scheduling (Activities management). This last stage replaced the existing proprietary system that had been used to manage detailed production scheduling.

Development in 2006 included Invitation Management and support for Marketing copy & assets management.

Development since has included Artist Contract and Payment management and Production Logistics (Travel, Accommodation, Freight).

melbourne festival intranet
production management

The software is now offered to like organisations - more information about the datafest software may found at


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