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Employment History

Here are a few jobs I held down before founding imuse information systems and artadata software.


Sausage Software
Analyst/Developer for Interactive Division 1999-2000  more info

Cinemedia (now Australian Centre for Moving Image)
Executive Producer for Production Management Unit 1999  more info

Australian Broadcasting Corporation 1991-1998
ABC Multimedia - Relieving Melbourne Co-ordinator 1998  more info
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra - Information Systems Manager 1996-1998  more info
ABC Southbank Resource Centre Project - Project Manager 1995  more info
ABC Live Music Unit - Federal Unit Manager and ABC Classic FM State Executive 1994  more info



Sausage Software
Analyst/Developer for Interactive Division 1999-2000

Various roles including business analysis, development and project management mentoring on a number of projects including:

  • Work with client to identify project components and define scope
  • Identify Author Input Template for Schools Online project as Publishing Workflow System
  • Work with supplier (Curriculum Corporation) to map Publishing Workflow System and define supporting Database Design

more info

NSW State Chamber of Commerce

  • Database Design
  • Site Map
  • Developed Requirements Specification
  • Screen Design
  • ASP, Visual Basic, SQL server, Stored Procedures
Executive Production
  • Advise and assist Project Managers

more info

Lowan Whole Foods Consumer Inquiry and Complaints System
  • Mapped work flows required for application
  • Created database structure
  • Developed Requirement Specification
  • Construction of Prototype
E-Business In a Box sales and support site
  • Database design and structure
Sausage Intranet
  • Scoping and Shaping
  • Define strategy to assist in the definition of Problem Domains
Feature Driven Development (FDD) reporting tool
  • Scoping and Shaping
  • Adaptation of FDD to suit Sausage Development Business
  • Object Modelling
  • Screen Design
  • Java, SQL server


Cinemedia (now Australian Centre for Moving Image)
Executive Producer for Production Management Unit 1999

This role provided comprehensive executive production management service to public sector clients to enable the delivery of high quality multimedia and/or film, television, video projects on time and on budget, including:

  • managing all aspects of concept development, production and delivery;
  • providing authoritative advice to clients on the range and costs of services available in the Victorian multimedia, film and television industry;
  • establishing formal and informal communication and reporting systems between all parties and implementation of regular briefing/debriefing sessions;
  • maintaining a qualitative overview of industry technical standards to ensure that the highest possible production standards are set and maintained within budget parameters;
  • ensuring that all contractual deliverables including production, cashflow/budget and deliverable material schedules are achieved on time and on budget;
  • providing regular and timely formal reports on project progress, budget and quality to clients and to Cinemedia; and
  • building networks and promoting the unit's services within the public sector to extend the unit's client base.

Projects and Clients included:

  • CDROM development for Environment Protection Authority to assist sell of Air Quality Services into the Asian market;
  • CDROM development for VicRoads and Victoria Police to train Operational Police in the administration of Drug Driving Tests
  • Development of VicRoads Information Bank of Drugs & Driving materials
  • Consulting with Victorian Government Dept of Treasury & Finance regarding proposed web publishing system based on internal information workflow systems.



Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Information Systems Manager 1996-1998

Various roles including business analysis, development, project management and producer on a number of projects including:

Web & PAML Pilot Projects
MSO Producer and Project Manager

The PAML (Performing Arts Media Library) pilot project was designed to produce products which would raise copyright issues to allow the preparation of guidelines for copyright development for the performing arts for the online environment; produce work for Cinemedia's digital media library (DML); and explore the possibility of utilising the SWIFT copyright royalty system as a means of usage measurement to enable back-end royalty disbursement to copyright holders.

The project had three product components:
  • a consumer orientated corporate web site utilising database technology to serve content (MSO's first web site)
  • an education site aimed at the secondary school market to provide teachers with an online resource for music education including audio and video serving  more info
  • a music documentary video exploring the work of a young local composer
which required me to:
  • develop product concepts and functional requirements
  • develop funding submissions and budgets
  • prepare tender specifications
  • shortlist, interview, and contract multimedia, video and audio producers
  • select and resource internal personnel
  • set up internal editorial structures
  • set up internal content provision infrastructure
  • draft and refine contracts including schedules of deliverables, cash flow, etc.
  • organise and manage multi-disciplinary production meetings and processes
  • prepare reports to funding bodies and board on performance to production schedules, budgets and issues arising from the project
  • in concert with management and unions develop arguments in relation to copyright exploration
  • contract ISP to host web sites and liaise with online ticketing agency
  • prepare database structures, images and some content

MSO Database Project
Database Consultant and Project Manager

Working with the marketing, development, business, music programming and orchestral management departments of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra to refine business processes and data flows with the application of information technology, the mso database project involved:

  • producing corporate data model and translating into database schema
  • designing and developing the user interface in conjunction with staff
  • providing staff with training in the new system's use
  • advising marketing and development staff on direct marketing strategies and data capture techniques
  • migrating data from legacy systems to new database
  • establishing migration pathways for ongoing transition of sales data from company's ticketing agency to mso database
  • preparing captured data for renewing and prospective subscriber campaigns
  • developing systems for fundraising campaigns and preparing prospect data
  • assisting music programming department with data on past programming to make decisions which balance artistic and business imperatives
  • writing specifications for further development
  • introducing staff to effective project management techniques

The success of this database has meant business decisions are made upon qualitative analysis, resulting in increased revenue from subscriptions and fundraising activities and a reduction in costs from the improved productivity resulting from business process reengineering.

Since implementation the MSO has been approached by two other orchestras in the Symphony Australia network to assist in the implementation of this database within their own companies. Arts Victoria has also used this project as a successful case study.

Information System Infrastructure Project
Information Technology Consultant and Project Manager

Analyse, design, implement, and maintain new information systems to replace existing ABC Information Technology infrastructure when Melbourne Symphony corporatised in July 1997.

In conjunction with Symphony Australia systems administrator, local ABCIT system administrator and external IT contractors we:

  • provided Local Area Network comprising of HP Server running Novell Intranetware with Raid 5 disk system, ARCserve backup to DAT and UPS; connecting to the Symphony Australia Wide Area Network by 512k Frame Relay and to ISP by 2MB link.
  • supported new system as Systems Administrator as well as provided help desk support for 25 users.
Also in this role, as part of a large arts fundraiser in May 1998, Arts 2000, I built a network for a gala auction night comprising NT server with client PCs and printers to process auction payments of $1m. I also prepared the underlying data and images for the electronic and live auction systems used on the night.



Australian Broadcasting Corporation
ABC Multimedia - Relieving Melbourne Co-ordinator 1998

A short secondment to assist in the planning for ABC Multimedia's expansion in Victoria including:

  • preparation of functional requirements for the technical and administrative aspects of the unit's relocation within the ABC Southbank building
  • preparation of a rate card to value ABC's contribution in the ABC-Cinemedia Accord
  • representing ABC Multimedia in Victorian Multimedia Industry
  • assisting the launch of the new Arts & Culture gateway of ABC Online



Australian Broadcasting Corporation
ABC Southbank Resource Centre Project - Project Manager 1995

The Southbank Resource Centre was created as part of the new ABC Southbank complex, and is responsible for the effective acquisition, preservation and development of audio and text collections critical to program and information needs of program makers and managers from ABC Radio, Radio Australia and Concert Music divisions.

The project required:

  • completing the centre fitout, reviewing and implementing the centre's priorities, and establishing the administrative procedures required to operate the centre;
  • co-ordinating the merging of the existing audio collections of ABC Radio and Radio Australia, as well as, establishing common acquisition, lending and development policies and practices and facilitating the resolution of staff issues arising from the merger; and
  • establishing an effective reference library within the centre, involving the identification of user needs for reference services, re-organising the reference collections and catalogues, and investigating on-line and networked electronic services.

In this project I also developed and designed a virtual reference library of commonly used periodicals, newspapers and reference materials by utilising CD-ROM tower and existing network technologies.

This design, which was the ABC's first use of CD-ROM tower technology, expanded or provided new reference services to program makers and other ABC reference centres across the country at a significantly reduced cost to the corporation.



Australian Broadcasting Corporation
ABC Live Music Unit - Federal Unit Manager and ABC Classic FM State Executive 1994

Live Music was the ABC's internal production unit responsible for recording music live in studios or concert venues for direct or delayed broadcast on ABC Classic FM and Radio National or for release on ABC's recording labels ABC Music and ABC Classics.

In concert with the Commissioning Editor, the position was responsible for the effective and creative deployment of the human, financial and capital resources of Live Music nationally, including:

  • liaising, negotiating and preparing contracts with artists, agents, arts festivals and entrepreneurs, regarding recordings, fees and arrangements.
  • attending to copyright and clearance matters pertaining to recordings and broadcast material.
  • managing the national Live Music budget, including setting budgets and monitoring expenditure.
  • attending to staffing and recruitment matters, including maintaining an overview of staff movements, attending to Vacancy Assessment Committee submissions, development of duty statements, and liaison with Human Resources staff.
  • representing the interests of Live Music and ABC Classic FM as a member of the Victorian Radio executive.


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