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The Job

This was a large project involving many staff and suppliers, including analysts, project managers, developers, illustrators and content providers.

With extensive client consultation, documentation and collaboration, Britannica Schools was developed as a publishing system for producing visually dynamic and interactive study guides for students.

The projects components included designing and developing a content management and publishing system with an offline writer input template, an online administration system, and a study guide generation tool compatible with the production platform.

The online study guide production systems were developed in stages over 12 months in 1999-2000.

My Role

As a Business Analyst for the Interactive division of Sausage Software, to consult and collaborate firstly with Encyclopędia Britannica in the early stages of the project to define the scope and approach of this and other educational projects. Then working with the content providers, Curriculum Corporation, to map the content development and editorial processes required for the development of the online publishing system.


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